NDIS health fund package


Captel for people under 65


  • NDIS can assist you with funding support to purchase your CapTel handset and captioning service.


  • Please note, once the 24 month period of CapTel captioning has finished, there will be other cost effective captioning solutions on offer, which may also be included as a “pre-paid” option under your “Daily Living” category in your NDIS package.



  • Check your NDIS funding eligibility for a CapTel handset and captioning service.




  • Your Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist or other relevant health professional can provide you with the required written recommendation to your Health Fund Support Manager or to yourself personally, if you are a self-managed fund.


  • As per your NDIS funding criteria, a written recommendation from your health professional is required, confirming that the CapTel handset and the captioning service it provides, is categorised as an “Assistive Listening Device” and therefore, the most appropriate solution to your individual lifestyle and health support needs.


  • Once you’ve met the funding criteria, your NDIS fund will process your application for approval.


  • For further queries, please contact your NDIS Support Manager for funding criteria assistance.


  • Find an NDIS Support Manager here.
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