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Caller’s words appear in text on the handset screen

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Rent for $55 a year

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Big screen and buttons

What is CapTel?

CapTel is a telephone that captions word-for-word everything the caller is saying allowing those with difficulty hearing on the phone to enjoy stress free conversations.

The CapTel handset looks and works like any traditional phone with one major difference - captions of the other party's words appear on the screen of the phone! Additionally the phone is amplfied and has bigger buttons making it easier to navigate. CapTel ensures you catch every word and can answer the call with ease and confidence.

How can I get a CapTel handset?

For just $55 (incl. GST) a year you can get this ground breaking technology. If you are interested in the handset for yourself or someone you know who needs a little help to hear on the phone please click here to order now.

Free CapTel information sessions

Information sessions are available and are a great way to learn more about CapTel.
They include:

  • Information about CapTel handsets and rental
  • Demonstration of CapTel handset
  • Q & A about the handset
  • Information about free installations

Contact us to find out if an informational session is available in your area

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Phone: 1300 107 546


“The barriers to making calls are removed instantly with this technology, work calls are not a problem anymore, I’ve become much more productive”

Customer one

“I don’t have to keep asking my grandson to repeat himself now that I have my CapTel phone. It’s made staying in touch with my family so much easier.”

Customer one